viernes, 21 de enero de 2011


It's the one and only mobile app that search and share videos from Youtube,

vimeo, dailymotion, metacafe, megavideo and most video sites directly to your mobile device,vdosearch it's a mobile app that let you searc

h simultaneously videos in the most know video sites.

Once you have on your screen the video that you want you can :

  • play it choosing the type of format and quality you want to see it, soif you have a good internet connection you can enjoy a really good HD video, or if you have a poor connection you can select a lower quality so you can play a video without connection problems
  • share it with somebody that you know b email or in your facebook wall to your friends
VDOSearch 1.1, t's out with with the folowing features:
  • Video preview, a image slide show from capture screens from the video
  • Favorites, now you canbookmark on your device your favorites videos
  • Internationalization, multilanguage support will be alvailable
  • Faster search, an speedimprovement on the search engine will be provide


FBPhototools its the ultimate mobile app for uploading, sharing, store and finding

photos on your facebook, You can crop, rotate, and resize images. Even change the image properties like brightness or the color intensity (red,green,blue) with FBPhototools Your original picture will always be safe, because you can choose to work with the modified or the original version. You can also send the modified or the original version on a email as an attachment or publish on your facebook. It's a really easy to use app, you just find the image that you are looking with our power-full search option were you can filter by image title, comments or owner, then you modified the image as you like and it's done for sharing, save it on you photo library or publish on facebook

FBPhotoTools supports :

  • You can crop, rotate, and resize images from your facebook
  • share on your facebook or send by email your modified or original version for your photos.
  • multi-language support is available for: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.